Our Story

Grabbitlocal came to be in 2020, the world was turned upside down as we found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic. In Australia, people stopped travelling, businesses had to close their doors to their loyal customers, customer service moved away from face-to-face interaction and to stay afloat, retailers had no option but to diversify their businesses or shut for good. Small businesses needed to offer a way to get their products to their customers. Not only that, they needed a platform from which they could interact with their existing customers and attract new customers.

Existing platforms had limitations and in Australia were also not available in many regional locations.

The Grabbitlocal team saw the opportunity to help.

  • Help small businesses retain and attract customers
  • Help small businesses migrate their offer online
  • Help small businesses to complete with major chains
  • Help small businesses thrive

Grabbitlocal gives small businesses the chance to easily transact with their customers online offering both a home delivery or pick up option. We do the heavy lifting from a tech point of view, to help our stores do what they do best, to connect with and offer genuine service to the customers and communities they live in.